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Dyson Cyclone Mod for Roomba S9

Cyclone Filtration in Roomba S9 Base Station Possible? Yes Chance of Failure? Medium STLs and Fusion 360 are linked below. Project Intro: Objective: Design and 3D print a replacement to the classic iRobot Roomba Station Bags. Never before have I designed a cyclone filtration solution, which required a lot of research.  Design: Cyclone Testing: Surprisingly, a nearly random cyclone shape worked very well in small-scale tests. Time to scale up! This time, we are testing varying particle sizes and different aperture sizes. Again, very surprised by how well it worked! I connected these to my Dyson V12 for consistent, reliable suction in particle testing.  After 40+ hours of printing and trial-and-error testing, I was ready to begin the final design as the first proof of concept. Findings: There is a scientific method to approaching this, and a complete understanding of several external factors would need to be known to render the best possible cyclone. Factors such as suction power and par