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Silent Ender 3D Printer

Silent Ender 3 w/ Noctua Fans Less a DIY tutorial and more a parts list showcasing the success of this project. Problem I was over the moon when I purchased my first 3D printer. It wasn't long before I found myself upgrading one piece at a time. In early 2020, my basement, where my 3D printer lived, became my Work From Home (WFH) office. My 3D printer was too noisy to be running in the new office.  I still had the original V1 motherboard and fans supplied with the original Ender 3 V1. If you own this printer, you will understand that it basically sounds like a jet engine at all times. This wouldn't do if I were to have it running while I was working from home. Solution I have always been a big fan (pun intended) of Noctua fans. A quick Google search yields many attempts integrating Noctua fins into the Ender 3 with success.  Short parts list: 4x DC to DC buck converter: Amazon 3x 40 MM Noctua Fans: Amazon 1x 60 MM Noctua Fan: Amazon 1x Ender 3 Mainboard (silent) : Amazon Duct