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How to take Great Photos of Tritium and Lume

Amazing Photos of Tritium and Lume Capture Photos Likes This: Share Your Images On: How Bright is Tritium? This tutorial may be exciting, here is the science: Looking to Buy Tritium? Requirements for Great Photos: Google Pixel 3 or above Passion for Tritium Can you accomplish these results w/o a Google Pixel? Yes, however, you need to play w/ your exposure settings. Demo: Take into Consideration: Lighting Movement Subject Brightness Point and Shoot vs w/ Post Processing: Most shots of tritium with this method are quite good and don't require ant postprocessing. There are circumstances that enhancements to the photos will result in a more desirable look. How to take the photo: line up your scene like this. Does it need to have all this fancy stuff? Not unless you intend to take gr